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Corporate law

Irregularity can financially threat the existence of a corporate. As the number of corporates are increasing massively access to recourses has remained limited throughout the years. This situation has caused an ongoing competition among corporations. In a situation in which a high number of opponents have to deal with a low amount of resources, legal knowledge is the most useful instrument that teaches economic actors how to use limited resources in the most efficient way. D.S. Law firm and its highly qualified lawyers are determined to bring order and discipline to the corporations which are indeed the most important actors in Iran’s economy. 

Unmovable properties or lands are men’s most valuable belongings. It is safe to say from the moment a man claimed ownership on a piece of land legal difficulty have arisen. Despite the man-made borders and struggles related to that with the emergence of modern state, interfering in lands was the beginning of the ongoing struggle between states and people. States have no choice but to claim ownership over lands in order to be able to practices their social, cultural and economic plans and for sake of public interest owners cannot expect to be asked about. In the said situation a knowledgeable lawyer tries to understand the logic behind laws and regulations and he is determined to protect citizen’s rights by following those exact laws.  We at D.S. aim to collect our individual knowledge and experience and move towards something more professional in this field.

Real state law

Contract law

For years, Iranian lawyers have been distanced from other industries. Either they were left aside or they distanced themselves deliberately. To lawyers adding dispute settlement clause to a contract was everything needed to be done while contracts were drafted by people with zero legal knowledge. The situation got even more complicated when it came to international contracts and international negotiations.

Today our industry needs lawyers who have various knowledge of different kind of contracts, their general conditions and unique aspects. Lawyers who have deep understanding of contractual concepts such as parties’ obligations and rights, permissible and non- permissible delay, damages, bank guarantees, financing, BOTs, insurance, incoterms, force majeure, termination of contracts and etc.

Our experience in negotiations and drafting contracts have led us to the conclusion that we first must synthesis the aforementioned concepts with Iranian legal principles and this is the only way we can protect our clients’ rights in front of national and international negotiators. Moreover, the main goal of this firm is to bring awareness to the judges, lawyers and managers about contractual concepts and their usage.

Whether we attribute the history of Maritime law to Phoenicians or to the residence of Rhodes Island in the east of middle east 900 years BC, Maritime law was recognized by nation-states after establishment of modern Westphalian order. Related principles and concepts were codified and different special courts emerged to settle disputes among sailors and businessmen throughout the years.

Laws and regulations ratified by developed countries, most notably England, were followed not only by common wealth countries but also in all common law and civil law systems subsequently with the beginning of 20th century various international conventions on shipments, insurance, marine pollution and etc. were ratified. The problem was the so-called developing countries were absent from the beginning or they haven’t been taken into account in the process of law making. As a result, neither their needs and conditions received enough attention nor they did get the chance to introduce national regulations in order to fill the gap.  For example, Iran with its unique geographical condition, a country which is surrounded by Caspian Sea in north and Persian Gulf in south, was deprived from having a maritime regulation until 20th century. Today that maritime industry has faced so many changes, we need lawyers who are specialized in modern maritime law and related international customs. This helps us to be able to use the limited resources of national law to protect merchants in a country in which the vast majority of transportations are done through international waters.

Maritime law

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