Old frameworks through new path


So complex and difficult are legal topics that people with no legal backgrounds won’t be able to solve their problems without asking for professional help. preventing legal problems to happen, saving time and money and fast-forwarding the court process are some of the many advantages you will benefit from having an attorney by your side. We, at D.S. Law firm by creating different departments are determined in helping you to face less legal difficulties.

Advisory services

Evolution in urban life, growth in financial activities and especially facing a phenomenon called globalization have turned the need to seek legal advices to a necessity.

Despite the fact that what business you run or where you reside and whether you are a natural or legal person you will always need a legal expert next to you. 

What are the advantages of having a legal advisor?

Saving time and money, proper documentation, knowing your rights, reducing financial and non-financial damages.

Contact one of our lawyers and do your business safely.


Arbitration is one of the methods of dispute settlements. Advantages of going to arbitrators have made this method more desirable especially in the last few years. Some of these advantages are:

  • Cost efficiency.
  • Time efficiency.
  • Party’s autonomy.
  • Getting to choose specialized arbitrators.
  • Fast and easy enforcement of arbitral award.

Despite the benefits of arbitration, you must note that drafting a legally ill arbitration clause can resion you severe financial damages. As a result, we invite you to not only bring your dispute to our internationally well-known arbitrators but to use our legal expert in drafting and adding a proper arbitration clause to your contract.


What will happen after you sign a contract? A new legal relationship will be born which has legal effects and consequences and also will guarantee certain rights and obligations of parties to the contract. There is this internationally accepted fact that “however not having a contract is bad but having a legally incomplete and imperfect contract is a nightmare.”

No wonder that it is so important for everyone to have a well drafted contract that encompasses all parties needs and also comply with laws and regulations, whether it’s a sales contract or a lease contract or a construction contract.

That is what we are famous for here at D.S. Law firm:  To draft the most accurate and suitable contract for your business.

Research Project

Nowadays every organization needs to increase its knowledge in order to be able to improve the efficiency of its activities, to play positive role in national and international markets and to make proper managing decisions. That is not happening unless you have a suitable research plan and you do research based on that plan. Since conducting research is not an easy work and needs both expertise and experience, our well-trained researchers at D.S. Law firm, with having years of experience and great academic background, will help you to be more successful by writing the most proper research plans for you and conducting research for your organization.


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