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Complexity of regulations alongside frequency of legal topics have made it even harder for lawyers to work individually. We share our knowledge and experience with others and give all brand-new legal services to our clients.

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We at DS believe a good lawyer is a lawyer who is always willing to know and learn more. thus, we are determined to improve our knowledge and help others to do so.

Since improving legal knowledge and encouraging young students and legal scholars are our main policy, we are pleased to announce that D.S. will be helping you. whether you are a student, a scholar or a lawyer, we will be helping you to choose the best research topic and also will guide you during your journey. On the other hand, we annually select one dissertation and prize it as the best dissertation of the year.

As a law firm, Strong presence in legal community both in national and international level is our goal. In order to keep moving forward we warmly invite lawyers and attorneys who are willing to work with us or are interested in our practice areas and most importantly consider themselves fit to our team based on their qualifications to Email their C.V. to us.

We think there is not anyone on the face of earth who is needless of knowing and learning more. It is considered our duty at D.S. to learn more and to teach more. If you are a lawyer who needs legal advice either about how to write your memorandum or how to defend your client at the hearings, you can count on us! contact us and ask for an appointment. We will be glad to help you.

considering our firm’s main social and academic responsibility, we are going to take actions on our own discretion in areas which happen to be so important yet have not received enough attention from Bars and even universities. As a result amid the annual independence day ( 7TH Esfand) we will select and prize the best legal essay or memorandum written by law students or lawyers. 

We warmly encourage anyone who is willing to be part of this competition, either as a compotator or as someone with new ideas to contact us.  Please feel free to send us what you have got which you think is worth to be seen and talked about. It is necessary to say that papers or memorandums which are related to social issues or other special cases will be more appreciated.


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